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Patient comments

“I have been seeing Dr. Buggie for about a year and a half for treatment of depression.  Dr. Buggie has proven to be an extremely competent and thoughtful therapist. With his assistance, I have been able to find the proper balance of medication and therapy which has helped me to manage my depression. I am extremely grateful to have found someone of Dr. Buggie's ability and character.” -DS

“Week after week this sensitive and highly ethical young man turned my attention in a positive fashion where, previously, my days were always negative.” -LM

“I found his ease with me refreshing.” -JV

“Dr. Buggie is an excellent therapist. I find that he's engaged and willing to participate in a conversation regarding my process. He inspires confidence; I find him knowledgeable and informed, and he definitely does not say, "...and, how do you feel about that?" -MR

“I have been working with Dr. Buggie for several years now and have found him to be understanding, competent and fully engaged in the relevant issues regarding my psychiatric care. I have made tremendous progress with his help and he has my highest recommendation.” -AG

“He is direct and to the point, which I appreciate.” -BS

“I found Dr. Buggie to be a good listener who offers objective advice on how to approach issues.  I was really impressed with his ability to remember things I said in previous sessions that even I had forgotten.” -CF

“I found Dr Buggie to be affable and informative. This was not a "here's your pills, be on your way" situation. I felt it more of a total approach; physical & mental health fitness being as important as medication.” -JV